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1) My first name is spelt with a ‘Y’ not a ‘H’
2) I’m extremely afraid of the dark and the supernatural
3) Many of my mum’s customers think I’m adopted because of my dark skin tone (they still think I’m Malay)
4) Proud Eurasian
5) Before I dyed my hair, my teachers would try to get me in trouble for my extremely light brown hair (it was super obvious when I was younger) even though it was 100% natural
6) I used to have very fair skin until I got in to cheerleading in year 8 
7) I only had 2 best friends in primary because I refused to speak in mandarin with my other classmates and they were the only two who spoke English so-
8) Even though I really hated primary school, I was the one who cried the most at graduation
9) I’m in the National Choir of Malaysia
10) I’m good friends with my bully from year 8 *cough* @belinda.chin *cough*
11) I’m extremely bad at art but I still took the subject anyway
12) I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was 10
13) My ‘blankie’ is my mum’s night gown that she only got to wear a few times because I chewed on it most of the time and eventually made a huge hole
14) I took a bet with my mum when I was 7, that I wouldn’t go fat because of chocolate (bc my dad used to spoil me with bars of it EVERYDAY) and I obviously lost
15) I’m VERY easily distracted
16) I play the piano, violin, guitar and flute
17) I’m extremely insecure
18) My relationship is actually way better than people say
19) I failed math throughout primary but I got an A for UPSR (wtf right?)
20) Taken by the most annoying, caring and freaking adorable, Shane Choo Yu Xin ❤️

No thanks to @crystallee00 for nominating me. Did it under the rain to add to the challenge (& also bc @tunghannn thought it would be cool). I nominate @ericaaa.c @kelvinfrost and baby Choo, @shane_themartian. Don’t forget, you only have 24 hours to do it or you’ll have to donate $100 to😁 #ALSicebucketchallenge

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